You want the

We give you the MUSIC.

Woman healing with music
woman meditating with music


that you can use on Your holistic projects and media, such as:


* Your Therapy Room, Spa, Healing Centre, Yoga class or Meditation class.

* Your own recordings of Asmr, Guided Meditations, Hypnosis, or Subliminals, as background music.

* Your own Videos on youtube or vimeo, films or short films, as background music or soundtrack.


Just pay (when you download the music) what FEELS FAIR to you, in accordance with the nature of your project, and give appropriate credit to the music composer in your project. 

Woman listening to a Subliminal Recording
Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls
Film music
Justin St. Vincent

 The Spiritual Significance of Music


"Javier Ramon Brito composes meditative music to nourish the soul, facilitate sacred connections, and attain spiritual joy."

Patricia Herlevi

The Whole Music Experience

"Metaphysician, sound healer, musician, music producer, energy healer all rolled into one person, Javier Ramon Brito represents a modern renaissance healer."



Vol. 9 No.107. CD REVIEW

"Javier Ramon Brito's music is different… it is nice in terms of unpredictability... Moreover, due to the use of unconventional musical instruments which create a different sound, his music has something different… it has the flavor of styles from different origins, from baroque to pop…" 


M.A. Espigares

Radio ILIBERIS, Spain

"PEACE is a precious album... it induces peace among all peoples and cultures... Javier Ramon Brito's music is full of beauty, life, sweetness and, above all, love."